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Use Cases

Lead Capture

Increase conversions by ensuring that every prospective customer is greeted by a warm, friendly voice - even when they call on weekends or after hours.

Virtual receptionist

Elevate your customer interactions with a professional AI Voice Agent available to route calls, answer questions, book appointments and serve as your virtual front desk.

Call Routing

Maximize efficiency by allowing your AI Agent to direct calls to the appropriate department, saving time for both customers and staff.

Political Polling

Gain real-time insight into voter sentiment, preferences and trends by using your AI Agent to automate political polling.

Lead Scoring

Capture interaction data and integrate into your CRM to facilitate advanced lead scoring and prioritization.

Ticketing & Escalation

Automate the creation of support tickets and trigger escalation procedures when specific issues or keywords are identified.

Personalized Customer Support

Provide efficient, personalized customer support, solving for a variety of user issues via seamless integration with your CRM and other backend systems.

Workers' Compensation Assistance

Streamline the handling of workers' compensation claims by offering instant, accurate information and guidance, while seamlessly integrating with your existing claims management system for a unified experience.

Intelligent Virtual Agent

Use your AI voice assistant to solve complex problems, provide personalized answers, and go beyond the basic, preset menu options offered by a standard Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

New Hire Screening
Utilize AI voice agents for structured interviews to quickly assess candidate qualifications and cultural fit, accelerating the screening process and expediting hiring timelines.

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