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Oktane Media Creates Interactive Virtual and Hybrid… | SignalWire

Oktane Media Creates Interactive Virtual and Hybrid Events for Charities and Businesses

Case Study: Oktane Media

Product Marketing Manager

Abbi Minessale

“The value of SignalWire is the ability to truly engage an audience of any size in intimate one-to-one dialogues, where you’re experiencing things together as if it was live.”

-Ken Park Founder and CEO at Oktane Media


Oktane Media uses SignalWire Events to create virtual venues for their clients, including the American Cancer Society and the Nantucket Comedy Festival. They create engaging environments that demonstrate the power of virtual events. In October of 2020, Oktane produced the ACS’s annual charity Gala and helped them surpass their fundraising goals. Oktane has also produced interactive talk shows, global sales meetings, and is currently working with the Nantucket Comedy Festival to put on an event where the audience can cheer for and interact with comedians in real-time.

About Oktane Media

Oktane specializes in "micro-media" strategies that integrate technology, lifestyle content, and immersive marketing tactics to develop audience-centric solutions that strengthen engagement, build affinity and form trusted 1-to-1 relationships. In October of 2020, Oktane media worked with the American Cancer Society to throw a successful virtualized charity Gala called the Cattle Baron's Ball on SignalWire Events. Oktane has also used SignalWire Events for global sales meetings, talk shows, and the upcoming Nantucket Comedy Festival.

The Challenge:

In October of 2020, Oktane Media helped the American Cancer Society host a virtual charity Gala. Their goal was to use all the capabilities of interactivity to emulate a traditional live event as closely as possible. Oktane needed to create an interactive environment that was engaging for attendees and audience members so they would have a positive experience and be compelled to donate.

Oktane wanted to avoid a stale event where attendees watched pre-produced content with nothing happening in real-time. In order to create emotional engagement with their audience, Oktane needed to create a dialogue and one on one interactions.

In order to accomplish this, Oktane needed to find a platform that would let them capitalize on concepts they have never seen done before in order to create an engaging experience. Other platforms they have used in the past were too complicated to join, had poor production capabilities, and lower standards for audio and video quality.

The Solution

Oktane Media used SignalWire Events to create an engaging virtual venue for the Cattle Baron’s Ball. They created a themed home screen where attendees could see what virtual rooms were open and available for them to explore throughout the event. Each room had its own theme and purpose. For example, the auditoriums had live presentations while the VIP room hosted sponsors and special guests.

It was easy for attendees to communicate with each other because of the exceptional audio quality. Participants could talk to each other in the same way they talk to each other in a physical environment with no audio clipping or awkward silences. Participants could easily talk over each other like they can in real life.

Oktane Media was able to produce this event moment by moment and have complete control over the experience. They utilized different room layouts to punctuate each moment. For example, they could change which media or guest was in the focal point, make 3 guests equal size at the top of the screen while decreasing the size of the audience around them, make presentations full screen, and more. Intuitive backend controls allowed Oktane to produce this event rather than just participate.

Attendees were able to interact with presenters and event hosts rather than silently watch. For example, America’s Got Talent-winning comedian Tom Cotter would speak to audience members about what cancer meant to them personally, creating a personal environment and an intimate dialogue with those who have experience with cancer.

Oktane media has also used SignalWire Events to produce a few global sales meetings, interactive talk shows, and is currently augmenting the Nantucket Comedy Festival in July 2021 to create a hybrid event that is both virtual and physical which will feature interactive moments with comedians.

“SignalWire is our best in class interactive tool when it comes to creating events and creating engagement in a wide spread audience. “

-Ken Park Founder and CEO at Oktane Media


Virtual Venue

Design and Create a virtual venue for attendees to experience and explore.


Dynamic layouts make it easy to produce any event from beginning to end.


SignalWire Events allows for engaging presentations, group discussions, and meaningful networking.


SignalWire Events is highly customizable; Oktane Media is able to brand each space to match their customer’s needs.


Excellent audio and video quality make it easy to have engaging and natural discussions.

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