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How the American Cancer Society used SignalWire Events… | SignalWire

How the American Cancer Society used SignalWire Events to surpass their fundraising goals

Case Study: American Cancer Society

Product Marketing Manager

Abbi Minessale
“The guests coming in were having a blast. They were having drinks, they were sharing dinner, they were talking, they were joking and they really felt like they were part of something and not just watching something.”
-Celia Hagerman
Senior Development Manager, Distinguished Events at
American Cancer Society, Southeast Region


The American Cancer Society Southeast Region relies on events to meet their fundraising goals. In October of 2020, the ACS found themselves needing to throw a virtual event for the first time ever. They were nervous and did not know where to start and feared they would not meet their fundraising targets for the year. Thanks to SignalWire Events, they were able to throw a successful gala online that maintained the spirit of their traditions, connected their community, and exceeded their usual in-person fundraising goals by 10%.

  • Exceeded annual fundraising goals by 10%
  • 400+ attendees
  • 27 sponsors

The American Cancer Society is a nationwide voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer. The Southeast Region hosts an annual western themed gala, the Cattle Baron's Ball, that’s become the world’s largest single-night fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Since 1974, they have raised over $86 million for cancer research. This event features live performances, speakers, auctions, and games in order to bring the community together in the fight against cancer.

The Challenge

The American Cancer Society’s main line of fundraising is through events. Due to Government regulations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, they were no longer able to host their annual gala, the Cattle Baron's Ball, in person. They were faced with the challenge of hosting an event that had a fun, natural feel that could connect their community and inspire people to donate to their cause.

The Solution

The Cattle Baron's Ball featured a western branded Home Screen with 8 different rooms available for attendees to freely and easily move in and out of. Event sponsors were given visibility on the Home Screen and special branded VIP lounges where attendees could network and chat before scheduled events. Speakers and performers could easily connect to their audience because each member was visible and audible without being distracting. SignalWire Events allowed the Cattle Baron's Ball to host attendees from all over the world for the first time, not just Tampa, which helped them push past their fundraising goals. After the success of their event, the Southeast Region of the American Cancer Society is now planning on incorporating SignalWire Events into all of their future events, in person or otherwise.

“Everything that we could think of or dream of came to life. I know we could not have had this great event if it wasn’t for SignalWire.”

-Celia Hagerman
Senior Development
Manager, Distinguished Events at American Cancer Society, Southeast Region

The Approach

Dedicated Rooms

  • The Cattle Baron's Ball had 8 rooms available to attendees, each with a different purpose in mind. Having different theatre rooms, auction rooms, and lounges made the event dynamic and familiar.

Connect with Audiences in Real-Time

  • Audience members were clearly visible which made it easy for speakers and performers to
    receive real-time feedback.

Attendees can Move About Rooms with Ease

  • The dedicated home screen made it easy for attendees to see all the rooms that were available to them and what they were for.

Customize the Space

  • The gala’s event space was branded with custom graphics, giving it an elevated and
    distinguished feel.

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