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SignalWire Receives New Investment from T-Mobile Ventures | SignalWire

SignalWire Receives New Investment from T-Mobile Ventures

T-Mobile teams up with SignalWire to equip developers with powerful new tools for ultra-low latency programmable video and voice communications.

Palo Alto, California – March 23, 2022 - SignalWire, a pioneer in software-defined telecommunications infrastructure, announced today that T-Mobile Ventures has participated in its Series B round. T-Mobile, the first U.S. operator to invest in SignalWire, joins Deutsche Telekom and others collaborating with SignalWire to equip developers worldwide with voice, video, and messaging APIs to build modern communications applications.

With SignalWire, developers can easily build Web and mobile applications that integrate hundreds of simultaneous video, voice, and messaging streams in the cloud for streaming back in a single feed to large audiences. SignalWire takes a unique approach delivering APIs and SDKs that enable developers to reach <50ms latency in large-scale video and voice applications. Its APIs align perfectly with the low latency, high speeds, and broad national coverage of T-Mobile’s 5G network.

“T-Mobile’s leadership in 5G along with its vision and bold set of strategies make them an ideal partner,” said Anthony Minessale, Co-Founder and CEO of SignalWire. “We have a shared vision to execute the digital transformation of telecommunications and that starts with arming developers with powerful tools.”

SignalWire APIs deliver new efficiencies and provide greater flexibility allowing developers to build and scale unprecedented forms of communications products and workflows like interactive video “watch parties” for thousands of simultaneous participants or virtual concerts where the musicians can hear the audience respond in real-time.

“T-Mobile is thrilled to be the first US wireless provider to invest in SignalWire. As we shared in our 5G Forward announcement, we envision a future where everything that can be connected, will be. And that requires massive innovation,” said Rob Roy, SVP of Emerging Products at T-Mobile. “SignalWire's solutions are all about enabling developers to build better and faster. This investment is another step in unlocking innovation on our industry-leading 5G network."

SignalWire is founded by the creators and primary maintainers of the FreeSWITCH open-source project, whose software is the foundation of telecommunications products for Vonage (recently acquired by Ericsson), Five9s, Amazon’s Chime product, Dialpad, Zoom Phone, and thousands more.

In June 2021, SignalWire had secured $30 Million in the first closing of a Series B round, led by Prosperity7 Ventures. Round B is now complemented by a second closing with the investment by T-Mobile Ventures. The funding will be used to ramp up the development of a complete, flat, and unified development layer and cloud platform upon which the next generation of communications applications are built.

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