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AT&T A2P 10DLC Launch & Campaign Registry Update | SignalWire

AT&T A2P 10DLC Launch & Campaign Registry Update

Updates to the 10-digit long code ecosystem from AT&T

For the most up to date fee structure across all carriers, visit our pricing page. The below updates may not reflect the current fee structure.

AT&T Network Access Fee

UPDATE - MARCH 2, 2021 - AT&T has announced that to allow additional time for industry readiness around the AT&T 10DLC SMS launch, they are introducing a 60-day “grace period”. Until May 1, 2021, all messages sent to the AT&T network from 10DLC numbers will incur a flat network access fee (NAF), regardless of the campaign type and whether or not it is registered with The Campaign Registry. This fee will be $0.0020/msg for SMS and $0.0035/msg for MMS.

As of May 1, 2021, the grace period has ended, and this fee structure has gone into effect.

AT&T launched their A2P 10DLC service beginning March 1st, 2021. This launches new NAFs on all A2P 10DLC messages sent from AT&T phone numbers. In addition, businesses will now be required to register their Brands and Campaigns with The Campaign Registry. There will be higher NAFs for numbers that send messages without being registered.

What do I need to do?

In order to send messages from local numbers to US numbers, registration is required. SignalWire has been at the forefront of these changes for quite some time and is a fully registered Campaign Service Provider. To begin the process of sending message campaigns, we will need to get your business registered as a Brand, and your messaging use case registered as a Campaign. You can start that process by checking out our beginner’s guide to getting registered.

The Campaign Registry requires a company to provide their tax ID or EIN. This is part of the process that allows them to verify the business's legitimacy. If you do not have one, you can apply for one here. Once you have your tax ID and message templates, getting registered will only take a few minutes with our simple TCR wizard. Full registration and connection can take 3-5 business days.

SignalWire's TCR Wizard.

Messages sent from unregistered numbers will accumulate a higher NAF than those registered. They will also be subject to heavy filtering and blocking.

Updating Old Campaigns

If you need to make content changes for the same use case you used initially, no further action is required. However, if the new content you are looking to send is not related to the original use case, you need to have that information changed within the registry.

If you need to add an additional number to an active campaign, you can purchase new phone numbers at any time in your SignalWire dashboard under Messaging Campaigns.

SignalWire also has a queuing system that will queue up your messages and send them out in accordance with the approved throughput limits. This ensures all your messages will be delivered even if you send them at a higher than approved rate. Without a campaign, local 10DLC numbers have a default throughput of 1 Message Per Second for both SMS and MMS messages.

If you plan to switch messaging providers, you will need to re-register with The Campaign Registry as each CSP is uniquely identified. However, your previous registration will stay valid until SignalWire’s registration overwrites the current information, and you will face zero disruptions.

Other TCR Resources

Additionally, there are SignalWire APIs you can use to speed up the registration process if you have multiple brands or multiple campaigns you need to get through.

If you provide messaging services to multiple companies, The Campaign Registry provides for a Reseller persona. You have the option to directly register as your own CSP (Campaign Service Provider) with the registry. Please reach out to your sales representatives to discuss these options in further detail or get started using the ? HELP button in your dashboard.

If you have any questions about TCR or messaging in general, you can join us once a month for our Messaging Office Hours. You can also check out our ultimate guide to TCR and our TCR FAQ. If you still have questions you want to ask us directly, join us on Slack or ask us on our Community Forum.

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