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SignalWire | Huntsville, AL - 05-20-2022 - Original Geek Tour
The Original Geeks of Software-Defined Telecom

Our team invented the technology that helped enterprise companies (like Zoom, Amazon, Vonage, Dialpad, Home Depot, Five9, etc….) get off the ground, and that same technology powers the innovative SignalWire cloud platform and communications APIs. We’re here to transform the communications landscape by empowering you, the developer to build the next big thing. You can leverage the same technology the founder of Yahoo! and the founder of Zoom invested in; join us on tour and learn firsthand from our team how to make your dream project a reality.

Demos That Live up to The Hype

Sit and chat with the Original Geeks over a beer as they show you firsthand what the future of video and the communications industry looks like. By the time you’ve finished your first glass, you’ll have fully functioning video integrated into your existing application or the start of a brand new one. By the third? You just might have a million-dollar idea on your hands - or at least a good buzz.

The Secrets of Programmable Video Conferencing

Our expert team will walk you step-by-step through building apps around programmable video conferences and reveal the secrets behind ultra-low latency voice with WebSockets so you can level up your applications or start building that big idea you didn’t think was possible.


12:30-1:30: Registration and Casual Pre-Event Stuff

  • Grab some food, a cold beverage, and some swag - on us!

  • Settle in and meet the OGs.

1:30-2:30: Opening Remarks - Why Real-Time is a thing now.

  • Why you'll be glad you found SignalWire early.

  • What is a programmable video conference?

2:30-3:30: Expert-Led Workshops

  • What are Programmable Video Conferences and how do we use them?

  • Real-Time Voice API For Real-Time AI

3:30: Original Geek Event Ends

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