Trial Mode

SignalWire "Trial mode" explained in detail

Every SignalWire account, when it is first created, is in trial mode. That means there are some limitations, to protect our services from potential abuse, and our new users from causing extensive issues.

What are the trial mode limitations?

There are a few classes of limitations we will list here for reference:

Activity limitations:

  • Dial/receive calls from purchased/verified numbers within a given project
  • Send/receive messages from purchased numbers within a given project
  • SIP endpoints can register but you can't place outbound calls or receive traffic on a Domain App

Resource count limitations:

  • Maximum of 2 project
  • Maximum of 2 DIDs per project
  • Only 5 queued calls at a time
  • Only 5 queued messages at a time
  • You can only hold 5 verified caller IDs at a time

Other limitations:

  • No international calling
  • DIDs cannot be released for 30 days

How do you exit trial mode?

It is very simple to exit trial mode.

All you need to do is add a major credit card to your account and add at least $5 of credit.

Promotions and codes do not count towards the total.

My credit card was declined

We accept all major credit and debit cards through our processor. If your card is declined:

  • Check with your issuer that your credit card is active and valid.
  • Check that the billing address matches what is on file with your issuer.
  • If you are using a VPN or corporate firewall, try clearing your cache or connecting through a different network, then remove the card and add it again.

You can also refer to our knowledge base entry for additional information.

Setting up Auto Top Up

If you are planning on using your SignalWire account for production traffic, you should add an Auto Top Up method to ensure you do not run out of funds.

The very simple process is detailed in this knowledge base article.