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Prebuilt Video API (Features) | SignalWire


Cloud Mixing Processes All Video and Audio Into A Single Stream
SignalWire's contrarian approach to WebRTC video mixes all video and audio streams in the cloud and delivers a single shared stream to every participant, consuming far less bandwidth, device CPU and battery life than conventional approaches.
Shared Experiences For All Participants
SignalWire unified stream integrates every participant's video and audio into a single video file and streams that back to everyone, so all participants experience the same video tile layout, and everyone's video and audio stays in sync.

With the conventional approaches to WebRTC, every participant chooses their own video tile layout, the video in focus jumps around, and only one audio stream comes through at a time.

In practical terms, one participant might see the active speaker (let's call her Kathy) in a small box video tile in the top left, while another participant might have have Kathy in a big tile in the middle.

If someone else (let's call him Mike) starts speaking (or his dog barks), Kathy's video disappears gets replaced by Mike's...whether Kathy had finished expressing her thought or not.

This approach may be acceptable for casual meetings, but tends to fall short for high production value events, structured meetings and workshops, or intentionally designed virtual room layouts.

And when it comes to complex interactions in next-generation interfaces (like in VR and AR), it's unlikely to scale at all.

12 Pre-Built Video Tile Layouts
Video tile layouts organize the arrangement, size, and relationship of every video in the room. Other approaches give you 3-4 options. SignalWire gives you 12.
300 Interactive Participants Per Room
Other approaches tend to max out at 17-50 interactive participants (with video and audio enabled), and everyone else becomes a passive spectator. Every SignalWire video room supports 300 fully interactive participants.
Minimal Bandwidth Consumption
Because SignalWire mixes all video and audio streams into a unified stream, your video conferencing apps deliver HD video and audio quality with minimal impact on your users' networks.

And if any individual participant's network becomes slow or non-performant, you can adjust the video quality and prioritize audio for that participant only without lowering it for everyone else.

Unlimited Video and Audio Sources Per Device
The Unified Stream approach allows every individual participant to stream audio and video from as many cameras and microphone combinations as their device can handle.
No Limit Screen Sharing
In the apps you build on the Multiparty Video API, every participant can share unlimited screens, browser tabs, or application windows in parallel.
Low-Code Video Conferences and Video Calls
Create and configure Programmable Video Conferences from your SignalWire Console. Set room beginning and end date/times. Choose video quality, default video tile layout, toggle automatic room recording on/off, and generate embed snippets to embed video conferences in any webpage or JS app.

Initiate a video conference, generate and send invite links via SMS, and preview room activity...all without leaving the dashboard.

Moderator and Guest Embeds
Each programmable video conference has two embed codes: one for moderator access and one for guests.

Moderators in a programmable video conference have the same basic video and audio controls as Guests, but in addition, have the ability to:

  • Mute and unmute other participants' audio
  • Turn other participants' video on or off
  • Eject other participants' from the room.
Camera and Microphone Device Selection
Embeddable Video Rooms allow all participants to select the video and audio source when joining the room.
Participant Lists
Built-in participant lists display the names (or usernames) of every participant in the conference..

Moderators can also use this list to mute and unmute participants' audio, turn their cameras on/off, and eject disruptive guests if necessary.

Room Previews
Observe the activity in each video room before joining.
Customizable Color Palette
Configure color palettes to match branding and context to match the brand (or webpage), no code required.
Customize With Your Own Code
Write your own code around the snippets to add your own features, integrate with third party apps, or modify the UI.