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Why Upgrade to FreeSWITCH Advantage?

Experience peace of mind like never before with round-the-clock support from the core engineering team that built FreeSWITCH. With our FreeSWITCH Advantage plan, you're not just getting support; you're gaining a partner in development. Our expert team of original creators of FreeSWITCH are on standby to assist with any issue, ensuring your operations remain seamless and uninterrupted.

Expert Access

Gain direct access to the original FreeSWITCH founders for expert troubleshooting, deployment assistance, and priority bug fixes.

24/7 Support Channels

Connect anytime through a dedicated Slack channel with the option to request phone or video calls as needed.

Guaranteed Response Times

Receive responses within a single business day with much tighter timelines for critical issues.

Discover the Advantage

Build private cloud applications using a commercial, enterprise-grade release of the world's most powerful and widely deployed open-source communications platform, FreeSWITCH.

SupportFreeSWITCHFreeSWITCH Advantage
Access to community forums (Slack, Discourse, Discord, Github) ✔️✔️
Bi-monthly office hours✔️✔️
Direct Access to FreeSWITCH founders✔️
Priority bug fixes✔️
Deployment Assistance✔️
Subscription to FreeSWITCH's Enterprise Branch✔️
Architectural and design support✔️
Quarterly Updates✔️
Access to discount ClueCon Conference passes✔️
Custom development for additional features available (additional fees apply)✔️

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Why Choose FreeSWITCH Advantage?

With over 200 years of combined engineering experience, choosing FreeSWITCH Advantage means investing in unmatched expertise and innovation. It's not just a support plan; it's an insurance policy for your business – offering more value and security than hiring additional engineers or external consultants.

Unrivaled Support

Get help from the core engineering team that wrote the code. FreeSWITCH Advantage includes full support for SIP compliance across all transports - UDP, TCP, SCTP and TLS. It can act as a Session Border Controller (SBC). SIMPLE support enables it to gateway to other chat protocols.

Globally Accessible

A scalable, carrier-grade platform trusted by over 5,000 commercial enterprises worldwide. FreeSWITCH Advantage is utilized globally in a number of ways from powering call centers, creating telehealth solutions, developing PBX systems, creating IVR services to video conferencing and so much more!

Meet the Creators

Anthony Minessale II
Anthony Minessale II

Brian West
Brian West

Michael Jerris
Michael Jerris

FreeSWITCH is a widely used open-source telephony platform created in 2006 by three founders, Anthony Minessale II, Brian West, and Michael Jerris. All three founders are still involved and continuously support the project and the community. As experts in the industry, they continue to be passionate about revolutionizing the way we communicate around the world.

Take the leap today and experience the unparalleled support, innovation, and peace of mind that comes with the FreeSWITCH Advantage plan. Elevate your communication solutions and safeguard your business against the unknown.

Join us, and let's build the future of communication together.

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