Video API Features

Video API
Video Conferencing
Robust video SDKs designed to build on top of or to create something brand new.

Adding video into your application doesn’t have to be complicated. The SignalWire video API allows you to build rich custom conferencing experiences, leveraging all of our features with your own UI.

After creating a token, each user can connect to video rooms, be a moderator, change layouts and settings and manage recordings.

Our set of SDK ranges from the low-level version that allows for full customization, to the simple embed script that puts your users in a video room with a single line of JS.

With SignalWire video API, you can take advantage of our next-generation video features and build anything you can imagine, whether it be integrating video into your existing application or creating something brand new.

1:1 Video
Fully video-capable SIP and WebRTC calls for an easy addition of 1:1 video communications to applications.

Some conversations need to happen face to face whether it be a simple one to one video call, or an upgrading an audio call to a video. Telehealth, tutoring, remote consulting, or even customer support are much more effective when you can see who you’re talking to.

All SIP and WebRTC calls on SignalWire are fully video-capable, making it easy to have a 1-1 video call using standard clients and protocols.

The SignalWire JS SDK supports building applications in the browser and mobile via React Native. With SignalWire, it’s easier than ever to quickly add 1:1 video to your application and get your product out there.

Low Latency
Experience real-time videos with no lag or delay to provide a more natural experience to the users.

In real-time video (video conferencing, broadcast, etc), any delay can cause an incoherent experience that can be frustrating and lead to fatigue. It can ruin the video experience.

Low latency means that there is very little delay in transferring the data and there is no lag experienced. Low latency is a key metric to provide a good experience to the users, and it is especially important in industries where the real-time video is essential such as streaming, video gaming, telecommunications.

Most providers use REST APIs that rely on one-way communication. This adds latency and limits the interactivity of real-time events. SignalWire's APIs use WebSocket technology, which allows for simultaneous, bi-directional data transmission that enables reliable, low latency, real-time communications.