Messaging API Features

Messaging API
Integrate SMS and MMS into your application in a few simple steps and be on your way to creating impactful messaging campaigns for your customers.

As a business, sending SMS and MMS is an effective way to reach out to your customers and has proven to be a must-have marketing strategy. With various providers, the process of sending several thousands of messages is a tedious task that does not ensure deliverability or success of the messaging campaign, making the process challenging.

SignalWire makes integrating SMS and MMS into your application fun and easy. The platform can get you started in a matter of minutes, and send and receive SMS and MMS using our REST APIs. Our APIs and infrastructure let you tap into the power of SMS to reach users on the channel they prefer.

Sending SMS and MMS requires some care to avoid triggering spam filters and to keep your traffic within the legitimate guidelines. To help your messages be delivered in the best fashion, SignalWire published a Code of Conduct. It contains best practices like obtaining proper permission and honoring stop keywords.

High Throughput Messaging
Create a better user experience for your customers and build trust and brand by having the same toll-free number for call and SMS. Our High Throughput Messaging allows you to reach large numbers of your customers at the right time/instantly with a higher rate limit of up to 100 MPS.
Hosted Messaging
Transfer over or enable text messaging services on your existing phone numbers. With SignalWire’s Hosted Messaging you can remain with your current provider for voice services while the messaging services (on those same numbers) will be hosted (concurrently) by SignalWire.
TwiML Compatibility
Designed to ease the migration of your existing phone or messaging application to our advanced communications cloud.
A2P & P2P
Have an option to use both A2P and P2P to reach your customers and increase engagement.

A2P or Application-to-Person messages are SMS sent from an application to a mobile user that users are not expected to reply to. These messages can be transactional in nature such as two-factor authentication, or informative such as appointment reminders or alerts.

P2P or Person-to-Person messaging is when there a two-way communication between two or more people. This could be when one person directly messages another or SignalWire Messaging API could connect people through Messaging API.

Being that SignalWire is an API platform, all messages that leave the platform are automatically classified as A2P by the downstream carriers (even if you are really sending P2P traffic). That said, if you have an actual P2P use case, you would need to apply for an exemption with the carriers. Getting approved for a P2P exemption would eliminate any carrier-related Network Access Fees related to A2P traffic. You can contact your sales representative to help you get started with that process.