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LIVEWire On-Demand: Ship Video Conferencing Features in… | SignalWire


Ever had the thought “I wish I could have a customizable version of Zoom?” Maybe even tried Zoom’s developer tools and it didn’t go as planned? 

Call off the search. You just found Programmable Video Conferences. 

Programmable Video Conferences package the standard video conferencing UI and features into a snippet of embed code that works on any website or JavaScript app… 

And empowers you to customize and extend it with your own code. 

Build new features around them, integrate them deeply and send events to other apps (CRM? LMS? Real time NLU or machine Vision?), or modify the UI. 

These are the balance between “low code” and “highly custom code.” 

Sign up for this 15 minute technical training and learn how to:

  • Add customizable features based on prewritten code snippets.
  • Use events to record how long people are talking, and when people join and leave a room.
  • Add a username feature.
  • Create a background blur tool.
  • Sign-up to participate

    Event begins Tuesday, May 17, 2022 - 11:00 AM (PST)

    Hosted by

    Moheeb Zara
    Developer Advocate