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Build a Live, Moderated Audio Room (Clubhouse Clone) In… | SignalWire


Last year, an app called Clubhouse generated waves and a $4 billion valuation with a new “invite-only” social network built around live audio conversations in rooms about specific topics.

While the ship on building and successfully marketing a close copy of Clubhouse’s product has almost certainly sailed, some of the core interactions it pioneered have potential applications in new kinds of media production tools or social apps.

Have some in mind?

Want a big head start in getting it launched?

Simply curious to find out what a single software developer can ship in 60 minutes with SignalWire’s APIs and SDKs?

When you watch this LIVEWire workshop, you will:

    • Build the foundation of your own real-time audio application by coding a drop-in audio application similar to Clubhouse in 60 minutes.
    • Walkthrough the latest SignalWire JavaScript SDK and the just-launched features that make real time audio rooms more flexible and extensible.
    • Get answers to your technical questions about SignalWire’s JavaScript SDK and its underlying APIs.
    • Leave with the code for fully-functional Clubhouse-like app that you can customize for your own purposes.

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Event begins Wednesday, November 10, 2021 - 11:00 AM (PST)

Hosted by

Daniele Di Sarli
Developer Relations Manager

Brett Burnette
Technical Success Manager