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Three ways to use SignalWire Video APIs to make Everyday Applications more Customer Friendly

Use case examples for video functionality

Product Marketing Manager

Abbi Minessale

What are SignalWire Video APIs?

Just like SignalWire Messaging and SignalWire Voice APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), our Video APIs are tools that let you integrate video conferencing into your existing applications or build a brand new product from scratch. SignalWire Video is easy to use so you can focus on getting your product to your customers faster without dedicating time to solve complicated engineering problems.

Our solution means higher quality audio and video with less CPU utilization and network bandwidth. Unlike other solutions, SignalWire uses Multiple Control Units to compile each participant’s audio and video and sends it back to you as one stream. This means that each participant can interact with each other in real-time with no awkward delays or audio clippings.

What can I use them for?

The perfect use case doesn’t exist, it all depends on your vision as a company; with SignalWire Video, there is no need to force your use case into an imperfect solution, the solution fits you. Whether you want group calls or person-to-person video, SignalWire is the best way to quickly add high-quality video chatting into your applications.

Below are a few use case examples of how SignalWire Video can elevate a company using advanced communications.

Example One - Online Group Fitness Classes:

Let’s say there is a fitness company creatively named “Fitness Co.” While they are accustomed to doing in-person fitness classes, they have recently pivoted towards online group classes to keep up with the increased demand for virtual engagement. Fitness Co. tried out a few popular video chat solutions but nothing was able to fit perfectly with their vision for the new direction they were heading in. Ultimately, they decided the best course of action would be to add video chat functionality into their existing fitness application, that way, customers could easily continue interacting with Fitness Co. all in one spot.

Now, when Fitness Co’s users go to their application, they can sign up and pay for new classes in the same place they participate! Even better, the video features are completely customized so they are able to mirror their instructors’ videos making it easier for the class to follow along with the movements.

Example Two - Telehealth and patient portals:

Any application that requires video communication can be built from scratch or integrated into an existing website using SignalWire Video APIs. For example, let’s say you are looking to integrate telehealth into your new practice but none of the existing video platforms are a good fit. Some lack privacy while others offer too many settings for patients to potentially mess around with. Instead, you decide to integrate video directly within your existing patient portal. Your patients don’t need to download any new applications to talk with you and you have complete control over the video features available to clients, that way, they can only mute or unmute and not accidentally kick your nursing staff out of the call. Better yet, by building out your own application, you have complete control over your data and can guarantee privacy and HIPAA compliance so neither you nor your patients need to worry about confidentiality.

Example Three - Interactive Customer Support:

Integrating video is also a great way to elevate your customer support and increase lead gen. Live chats on business websites have recently become a trend because customers love having their questions answered immediately but what happens when customer queries get a bit too complicated to explain over chat? With SignalWire Video, you can easily integrate person-to-person (p2p) video chat into your system so that your support team can immediately initiate video calls with customers who need an extra push. Integrating video in this way dramatically decreases the time your customers spend waiting for a response or scheduling a call and ultimately increases revenue by creating happy and loyal customers.

How do I get started?

It’s easy to get started with SignalWire Video. Try out our new Video API for yourself by signing up for a SignalWire Space: