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Precision Diagnostics sees record breaking performance… | SignalWire

Precision Diagnostics sees record breaking performance after hosting Sales Kickoff on SignalWire Events

Case Study: Precision Diagnostics

Product Marketing Manager

Abbi Minessale

“Not only did we have a successful kickoff meeting where people felt really invigorated and aligned on the strategy, but our numbers have shown that that investment was worthwhile. We started our first two weeks post sales kick off breaking records we hadn’t seen.” 

-Cortney Hergenroeder, Vice President of Sales at Precision Diagnostics


Precision Diagnostics used SignalWire Events to host their annual sales kick off event in January of 2021. It was important for their company performance that their sales groups spend time together as a team in an engaging and collaborative way. This event was also a way to honor top performers and give them an opportunity to share insight to their success with peers. Post sales kick off, Precision Diagnostics is now outperforming their projected goals and are currently incorporating SignalWire into all upcoming sales training events.

About Precision Diagnostics:

Precision Diagnostics is a U.S. laboratory that focuses on highly accurate clinical testing. Every January, they host a sales kick-off event with 80 team members from across the country where they go over new strategies, recognize top performers and undergo sales training and team building. These annual sales kick off event is highly anticipated and important to their sales efforts.

The Challenge:

In 2021, Precision Diagnostics was unable to host their sales kick off in person due to pandemic concerns. It was important that their event maintain its sense of liveliness and camaraderie when moved to a virtual environment. Their goal was to have an interactive event and avoid an isolated experience where participants simply listen to a series of presenters.

The Solution:

SignalWire Events provided Precision Diagnostics with a dynamic platform with custom layouts that allowed their entire team to see one another which gave the feeling of being together. This allowed them to effectively collaborate on vision and strategy which helped to increase their sales performance post kick off.

They were also able to hold their annual top contributor panel. Panel members were seen prominently at all times while those who had questions were brought up to the top, creating a natural and collaborative environment. Easy to use room controls allowed for an interesting and dynamic event with custom layouts and media, which allowed them to highlight and honor top performers.

SignalWire’s excellent audio and video quality made it easy for teams to seamlessly communicate. There was no lag or delay, enabling several team members to talk at the same time with distinct audio, just like any other face to face conversation. This allowed radically clear communication back and forth.

“The difference with SignalWire is that I genuinely felt that feeling of us being together and being able to see one another and have different layouts and different settings where it didn’t just feel like we’re sitting in front of a powerpoint slideshow just clicking away.” 

-Cortney Hergenroeder, Vice President of Sales at Precision Diagnostics



-Top performers were able to discuss with their peers the tactics that made them successful which lead to increased performance post kick off.


-SignalWire Events fosters a feeling of togetherness which keeps participants engaged and motivated.


-SignalWire Events is highly customizable, so Precision Diagnostics was able to brand their space to match the goals of their event.


-Excellent audio and video quality make it easy to have engaging and thorough discussions.

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