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ClueCon Creates an Interactive Communications Conference… | SignalWire

ClueCon Creates an Interactive Communications Conference on SignalWire Events

Case Study: ClueCon Developers Conference

Product Marketing Manager

Abbi Minessale

“I don’t think anything else would have let us accomplish what we did. It was so interactive, attendees could talk back and forth to network and discuss things, presenters could actually see their audience and we even had a few demos and games, it was great.”

-Jill Minessale VP of Finance and Business Success


ClueCon’s annual communications conference needed to be virtual for the first time after news of the pandemic broke. Their team had 3 months to plan a virtual conference that was interactive and could maintain a family atmosphere between attendees. In August, 2020 ClueCon was held on SignalWire Events; Attendees loved the technical talks, interactive demos, and networking games and events. ClueCon has since launched a hybrid plan, featuring in person events in addition to virtual ones.

About ClueCon

ClueCon is an annual technology conference by developers for developers that brings together open source leaders and advocates in the communications industry. ClueCon strives to create a “family feel” between its attendees over a week of tech talks, riveting hallway chat, and networking events. This event is thrown in Chicago every year by the FreeSWITCH Open source project.

The Challenge

ClueCon only had three months to be converted to a virtual event due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was important that the event maintain its family atmosphere by creating an interactive space where attendees felt comfortable and could interact with both the speakers and each other throughout the day. The team was also challenged with drawing in their usual attendance of three hundred despite the unforeseen setback.

The Solution

ClueCon was incredibly successful. They had engaging speakers and workshops, as well as a few games, technical demos, and networking parties. Their event held 424 attendees and featured 24 different speakers.

ClueCon’s space had many rooms available to attendees so they could easily jump around between lounges, presentations, and workshops depending on where they wanted to go. It was easy to see what was going on in each room so attendees were empowered to explore.

ClueCon was able to create an interactive environment; presenters could see their audience and take questions live and attendees could discuss ideas back and forth during networking events and in various lounges.

Dynamic layouts are easy to change and are reflected the same for all attendees. ClueCon was able to carefully design their conference from beginning to end, seamlessly switching between various emcees, presenters, and group discussions.

Custom branding allowed ClueCon to create the ambiance they wanted for the event. Each room had its own imagery and style depending on the use case, creating a dynamic space for attendees to mingle.

“We only had 3 months to put everything together and we were terrified. Thanks to SignalWire we were able to have everything we wanted, and more, so our conference still had that family feel we work so hard for each year.”

-Sharon White, Manager of Event Planning


  • SignalWire Events allows for engaging presentations, Q&A sessions, and hallway chat.


  • Dynamic layouts make it easy to design any event from beginning to end.


  • SignalWire Events is highly customizable; ClueCon was able to brand their space to match the goals of their event.


  • Excellent audio and video quality make it easy to have engaging and thorough discussions.

Learn more about ClueCon here.