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Backyard Brands will reduce annual travel costs by over… | SignalWire

Backyard Brands will reduce annual travel costs by over 30% using SignalWire Work

Case Study: Backyard Brands

Product Marketing Manager

Abbi Minessale

“The level of engagement and collaboration that you can pull off at SignalWire is significant.”

-Dennis Gray Founder at Backyard Brands


Backyard Brands began using SignalWire Work in early December, 2020 after the COVID-19 pandemic made travel and in-person workspaces difficult to keep safe. They now use their work space for team meetings, training and virtual account development visits as well as several conferencing events that they host. Their employees can now pull meetings together quickly and collaborate significantly more than possible on legacy solutions. Backyard brands will continue to use their virtual space for the foreseeable future and plan to adopt a hybrid approach that will reduce their travel costs by over 30% annually while increasing quality of service.

About Backyard Brands Inc

Backyard Brands Inc. is a next-generation recreational water care specialty company that focuses on using their Fusion Science platforms to create higher-performing, healthier, and more natural water care systems for pools and hot tubs. Account managers at Backyard Brands Inc. are often traveling to meet with various family-owned dealers.

The Challenge

Traveling from dealership to dealership requires a large cost in terms of time, money, and resources. Backyard Brands Inc. needed a platform that was easy to use, would lessen the need for travel and could streamline communication between their team.

The Solution

Backyard Brands Inc. is utilizing a hybrid system, balancing in person interaction with SignalWire Work, which will reduce their travel costs by over 30% and increase their overall level of service.

Technical staff and account managers are able to communicate with dealers over the phone, negating the need for numerous in-person visits. This has led to faster customer service response times and a decrease in travel costs.

Browser-based technology makes it easy for Backyard Brands to communicate with those outside of their organization. Customers do not need to download new technology, all they have to do is click on a link

Backyard Brands Inc. also uses SignalWire Work for internal team meetings. A customer care manager is available to both customers and staff for 6 hours throughout the day. It is easy for team members to hop into impromptu meetings, making their days more efficient and increasing cross-collaboration.

“Even if you have already a remote workforce, this is a way to make it even more effective. It’s not the same as Zoom, it’s a different experience. The ability to go to your office on your computer and see who’s in and who’s not, drop in to say hi, see how they’re doing, and move around relatively effortlessly as opposed to zoom, it’s not that easy. That’s a big deal.”

-Dennis Gray Founder at Backyard Brands


Easy to use:

  • SignalWire Work is browser based, meaning there is nothing to download. This makes it easy for Backyard Brands to interact with dealers and customers outside of their organization.


  • Customize your office with what employees are interested in or with company branding. 

Save time:

  • Reach customers faster. Lessen the need for travel by checking in over SignalWire Work instead of in person.


  • It's easy for staff to get together for planned meetings or impromptu strategy sessions. Excellent audio and video quality makes it easy to talk back and forth.