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Year in Review: FreeSWITCH and ClueCon | SignalWire

Year in Review: FreeSWITCH and ClueCon

2021 was a big year for FreeSWITCH and ClueCon! It was a year that came in two’s – two FreeSWITCH updates, and even more shocking, TWO ClueCons!

2021 FreeSWITCH Updates

Make sure you’re up-to-date with the latest FreeSWITCH release! The first FreeSWITCH update of the year came in late March, v1.10.6. This was the major bug fix release containing important stability improvements. But more importantly and most recently, the FreeSWITCH v1.10.7 Release dropped at ClueCon in late October. This is a major release with more than 300 changes containing fixes for 5 security advisories adding support for Debian 11, mod_python3 and a lot of bug fixes. Debian 8 support has been dropped and Freetdm has been moved out of tree. Users should upgrade ASAP if they have not already!

A Year of Two ClueCons

You may have forgotten since it was so long ago, but the first ClueCon of 2021 took place February 16th-17th this year. This was the first ever mini online version of ClueCon, which we named ClueCon TGI2021! This two-day-long event was free and entirely online, and included the highlights of a usual ClueCon: insightful presentations brought to you by industry experts, and educational workshops from the open source community. There were even some great online networking events, like virtual karaoke!

A snapshot of our first mini ClueCon, fully online

Missed February ClueCon? You’re in luck – you can find all the videos where we livestreamed them, on the FreeSWITCH YouTube channel!

The second ClueCon TGI2021 of the year took place October 25th-28th. This was the full annual version of the conference. But it was also a first – the first hybrid ClueCon. We took on the daunting task of having this conference both in person and online, allowing for anyone from any corner of the world to join us for free while some of us gathered, as usual, in downtown Chicago! We used this opportunity to build a setup that allowed in person and online attendees to interact with each other.

Hard at work at the long-anticipated Coder Games hack-a-thon

This full version of the conference included traditional events like Dangerous Demos and the Coder Games hack-a-thon that were not part of the February ClueCon. Monday kicked off with the Coder Games, where attendees built boats, engineered bridges, and played trivia with virtual attendees to win an exciting array of prizes. The annual Gigabit Reception, which was also long awaited after its omission in February, got a spooky twist this year! Attendees put on their Halloween costumes, grabbed their favorite drinks, sang karaoke, and played games. Virtual attendees were able to pop in and hang out with us in the lounge too! Wednesday included Dangerous Demos and a Poker Night at King Arthur’s Court.

Couldn’t make it in October? We recorded all the informative and insightful presentations so you can watch them here.

Don’t want to miss out on ClueCon next year? Early Bird registration is open. Don’t want to miss out on FreeSWITCH updates and other events in the community? Make sure you’re subscribed to the newsletter and that you’re on our slack channel!

See you next year!