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The ClueCon Experience Told In GIFS | SignalWire

The ClueCon Experience Told In GIFS

Whether you pronounce it “Gif” with a hard “G” (right) or “Jiff” (so, so wrong), we can all agree that they are a thrilling asset to communicating.

When you finally arrive in Chicago.

What’s the deal with airline food…am I right!?

Who here is a Cluebie?

Welcome to the ClueCon family!

Kicking butt at the Coder Games.

Solving real world problems…LIKE A BOSS.

Working as a team on FreeCYCLED Hacks.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

When you win the Grand Prize at the Coder Games.

Everyone must bask in your glory!

When you don’t know if you should go for that third slice of pizza at Giordano’s.

You deserve it!

When you drink too much at the Bowling Party and accidentally sleep through the 8am speaker.

We’ve all been there.

When you meet someone who speaks your language.

Life is good.

When you finally get to talk to your favorite developer.

Be careful not to choke– on your aspirations.

When your jam comes on at ClueCon Karaoke!

Karaoke is super fly.

When you’re exploring Chicago for the first time and deciding where to eat.

So much to choose from!

When people have questions for you at the end of your talk.


“You can’t beat Seven Du in Dangerous Demos.”

Never tell us the odds.

Rolling into the SignalWire Bowling Bash like:

The official ClueCon after par-tay!

Relaxing on the VoiceTel Sunset Boat cruise.

Ah, the beautiful Chicago River.

When you follow @cluecon on twitter!