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FreeSWITCH Training at OpenSIPS Summit | SignalWire

FreeSWITCH Training at OpenSIPS Summit

FreeSWITCH will be offering training at OpenSIPS Summit this year.

OpenSIPS Summit it May 1st-4th in Amsterdam and this year it will include FreeSWITCH Training that will cover the installation and configuration of FreeSWITCH. We will walk through making calls, administer various configurations, enable and utilize various modules. We’ll also cover some additional functions of FreeSWITCH such as video call recording, video conferencing, Call Detail Recording, troubleshooting, logging, and interacting with Event Socket Library.

Training content:

  • How to install FreeSWITCH.
  • How to install Verto Communicator
  • Register and make calls between endpoints
  • Administer various configuration files.
  • Enable and configure modules.
  • Video Teleconferencing.
  • FS_CLI usage for logs, debug, troubleshooting.
  • *Gateway Registration, inbound/outbound calls.
  • *Encryption methods SRTP, ZRTP, and Certificates for SIP/TLS.