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FreeSWITCH Resources as part of SignalWire Community | SignalWire

FreeSWITCH Resources as part of SignalWire Community

I wanted to let everyone know that, as part of our effort to expand our community, we have started building out new resources. We aim to empower developers to quickly and easily create advanced communications applications and products. We are working on a forum, some GitHub projects for FreeSWITCH and SignalWire tools, and we started a new FreeSWITCH community Slack space.
I personally have resisted more modern tools, I’ve been on IRC for decades (and we still are #freeswitch on freenode) but our community is growing and we have all gotten more mobile; We want to make sure we make our community accessible to everyone! We now have a bridge so the original IRC channel and the new FreeSWITCH Slack channel can cross-communicate!
While you can still contact us through traditional methods, like the mailing list or IRC, we have also started a new Slack space with both FreeSWITCH and SignalWire channels!
Here is the link to the slack.
We are so thankful for the community, and the continued support you’ve given us over the years, come join and let’s discuss how we can continue to innovate in the communications industry.
-Anthony Minessale