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Dangerous Demos Returns to ClueCon | SignalWire

Dangerous Demos Returns to ClueCon

What Are Dangerous Demos?

Dangerous Demos are a fast paced show of hacking excellence. Everybody loves to watch demos at tech conferences but few are brave enough to actually do them. Why? They are dangerous. Things can and do go wrong and who wants to risk that during their super informative, life changing presentation? Hence, the creation of Dangerous Demos. James Body, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Telet Research, decided to fix this with the introduction of Dangerous Demos that he hosts at tech conferences throughout the year.

To give you some ideas to get you started, here were a couple of past winners.

Carol Davies and her IIT students presented a 911 app to determine the specific location of someone in a building. They won a prize for that, of course.

Tony Minessale demoed his Verto video conference, but not only that. He made the camera follow around the person in the conference automatically. So if they paced to the right, the camera paced to the right. He won two prizes for that.

Ben Klang had an extremely dangerous demo involving his ex girlfriend’s phone number being texted to his wife if he failed to translate Italian properly in text to speech. He succeeded, we all breathed a collective sigh of relief!

This July 25th, James will again be bringing this fun event to ClueCon and he would love to have you sign up and show off your coding ability. What does he look for in awarding prizes?

The Most Entertaining Demo – Showmanship and creativity count in this one.

Audience Selection – Wow your peers and you just might return home with this prize!

Crash and burn – This one we love. Your demo doesn’t even need to succeed to win this great prize. As the title says, a crash and burn is celebrated here.

Freeswitch Demo Award – This one goes to the person or team that best incorporates FreeSWITCH into their demo, so start thinking now.

Have a demo idea you would like to share, sign up with James Body at