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ClueCon 2019 Wrapup | SignalWire

ClueCon 2019 Wrapup

Thank you to everyone who attended ClueCon’s 15th anniversary this year! We started off the conference with our unique Hack-A-Thon, the Coder Games, which featured a variety of different challenges. We built self driving cars with Arduino boards and ultrasonic sensors and raced to see who could make it through a maze built out of our signature game: Cards Against Technology. Some of our attendees also took the time to build a contraption out of everyday materials that launched a projectile onto a velcro dart board and the results were nerve-wrackingly close. We also introduced new events to our game show, Man vs. Machine, where attendees competed in groups at trivia and raced to figure out escape room style riddles on an application built with SignalWire RELAY. And of course, there was our SignalWire challenge where coders created their own chatbots designed to troll spammers. A special thanks to Flowroute for hosting dinner that night at Last Resort!

The next day was Anthony Minessale’s Keynote speech, which you can watch down below. He spoke about the new FreeSWITCH 1.10.0 release that was finished a year early as well as SignalWire’s big investment news! In fact, you can watch all of ClueCon’s speakers, including Jonathan Rosenberg, James Tagg, Fred Posner, Alan D Percy, and more, on our YouTube Channel.

Thank you to Weave for hosting our successful Land and Sea game night on Wednesday and to VoiceTel for the beautiful boat tour we attended on Thursday night. We’d like to give a big shoutout to all of our sponsors for making our conference possible.

We couldn’t have asked for a better year and will continue to make ClueCon an environment that supports and celebrates developers. If you miss ClueCon like we do, or are suffering from moderate to severe FOMO, consider joining us on August 3-6 in 2020!