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We built the open-source telecom stack that powers Five9, Amazon Chime, Zoom Phone, Dialpad, and multiple billion-dollar exits. With SignalWire, we've reimagined the core of FreeSWITCH, radically improved and extended it, and scaled it across every Cloud.

A path to the real-time future,
starting now.

WebRTC video and audio SDKs + WebSockets Voice APIs for building the sci-fi stuff today. Backwards-compatible REST APIs for bridging between yesterday and tomorrow.

Video Conferencing API

When your audience is large, your brand is premium, and you won't settle for janky video conferencing UX, you want this.

WebSockets Voice API

Real time, granular control over call flows, routing, and codecs. 300% more responsiveness than you get with REST. If you use AI in your voice apps, you just found your new favorite API.

Backwards-Compatible Voice API

If you're more comfortable with REST than WebSockets or already use TwiML, these APIs are like TwiML...if TwiML suddenly knew Kung Fu.

Backwards-Compatible SMS API

The SMS API makes it easy to move your expensive SMS traffic to SignalWire and cut your billio 50-80% in the process.

Don't Build Your Way Into A Box With Last-Gen SaaS

Launch and scale communication products on infrastructure built for this decade and the next rather than running aground on the limitations of 2010s-era SaaS.

Pass the Baton From REST to RELAY

Persistent, bi-directional connections between your video and voice apps and our infrastructure means 300% more responsiveness and far more granular controls than you can get with HTTP + REST. Makes for great Conversational AI.

Unify Communications (For Real)

Underneath the hood, most communications platforms are different products bolted together. SignalWire unifies old-school voice telecom, modern WebRTC, and IP messaging into a single API. Use it to build tightly-integrated cross-channel communications apps that don't lose the context when the channels change.

Become A Superhero With This MCU

Our Video Conferencing MCU mixes all video and audio in the cloud and streams a single unified feed to all participants. In practice: 50-90% less bandwidth and CPU consumption + none of the jumpy video transitions and high-latency audio you experience with Zoom, MS Teams, and Google Meet.

Live On The Edge Of Every Cloud

AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean, and Azure. 22 data centers around the world means you deliver reliable, HD-quality interactive video and voice calls with less than 50ms latency to 60% of the human population.

Dissolve The Internet/Telecom Divide

It's one thing when you can program a web app to dial a phone number. But when the distinctions dissolve between:

  • Phone numbers...
  • Sequences of emojis (or similar expressions of identity)
  • IP addresses...
  • URIs...
  • Organizations..
  • Roles inside those organizations...
  • Individual smartphones, desktops, tablets, XR Headsets, and IoT devices.
  • Any addressable end-point, really

The barriers between "telecom" and "internet" fade away, and we have a foundation for a planetary communication fabric. Will we all realize the potential for mutually respectful, win-win collaboration and cooperation this facilitates? Creating the possibility is the vision of Software-Defined Telecom.

From The Creators of the #1 Open Source Telecom Stack

Known as the Original Geeks of Software-Defined Telecom, we built and maintain FreeSWITCH: the open source telecom stack the other telecom stacks are built on. Vonage, Five9, Cerner, Home Depot, Cisco, Plivo, and thousands more have our open source project at the core of their most sophisticated telecom apps.

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