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Messaging API Use Cases | SignalWire

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SignalWire unlocks advanced messaging capabilities for application developers of all skill sets. Whatever you're building, we make it easy to build it right.

Customer Support

Level up your customer support and stand out from competitors by integrating Messaging into your support system. Let customers chat back and forth with agents, automate their experience with a chatbot, or have them send you an MMS showcasing their problem.

Marketing Campaigns

Increase the reach and engagement of your marketing applications using SMS to deliver high-value, personalized promotions to your most loyal customers.

Interactive Voice Response

Modernize your phone system and improve customer experience by integrating SMS into your IVR. Now, your customers can text their details - like account numbers - while they wait for a callback.

Two Factor Authentication

Ensure the security of your application and protect users’ information by sending extra login credentials to their phones.


Have users message back and forth with each other, like texting with their delivery driver or chatting on a dating app.

Notifications and Reminders

Automatically let your users know when it’s time for their appointment, whether it’s for a doctor's appointment or time for a haircut. SMS notifications are a great way to guarantee you get your users’ attention.

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