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LIVEWire Series: Build Zoom-Like Features Into Any App | SignalWire


Learn how to build Zoom-like multi-party video capabilities as a feature of any web app in four live coding sessions. By the end of first session, you (a developer with basic Javascript skills) have built video conferencing rooms that:

    • Hosts 300-500 interactive participants (each).
    • Runs 100% in the browser (on any webpage).
    • Supports from 320p-1080p…
    • …without devouring bandwidth and CPU on your users’ devices.

    Each of the next three workshops builds on the features you shipped in the previous one. At the end of four sessions, you’ve built the foundation of a sophisticated and powerful video conferencing product that you can customize, integrate, and extend to fit your exact use case. Such as:

      • A remote collaboration or video meeting product.
      • A video podcasting studio that runs in the browser.
      • Large scale virtual classrooms that integrate directly with any website.
      • A live streaming virtual fitness product that works within a CMS.
      • A virtual and hybrid events product that you can soup up with built-in e-commerce or live auctions.

      Can't attend the live sessions? Still register and we'll send you the on-demand recordings to view on your own time.

      February 9th at 11AM PT / 2PM ET

      Build a “Zoom-Like” Video Conferencing App 60 Mins

      Walk step-by-step through building a basic video conferencing feature with audio and video Mute/Unmute and Screen Share. You’ll end this session with the code for a simple video room and a solid grasp how to use SignalWire’s Multiparty Video API and Javascript SDK.

      February 23rd at 11AM PT / 2PM ET

      Build Room Preview Feature to Display a Preview Video of a Room

      In this second workshop, you will add a Room Preview feature to the app you built in the first session. Room Preview does what its name suggests: create live previews of the activity in a video room so users can preview what’s going before entering that room.

      March 9th at 11AM PT / 2PM ET

      Enable Chat Button in the Video Room for Better Communication

      In the third workshop, you’ll add chat to your video app. Integrating chat creates opportunities for communication, questions, real time feedback, and dialogue beyond the conversations happening on video. In short: richer, more engaging and dynamic virtual experiences.

      March 23rd at 11AM PT / 2PM ET

      Add Dynamic Layouts to Your Video Room & Assign Roles

      In the final workshop, you’ll expand on the app you built in the first three sessions and learn how to apply several pre-built dynamic video tile layouts and assign roles (like Host and Guest) to participants. Each layout can be connected to roles that you assign to specific participants, so (for example) the layout changes automatically when someone shares their screen.

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Event begins Wednesday, February 9, 2022 - 11:00 AM (PST)

Hosted by

Daniele Di Sarli
Developer Relations Manager

Moheeb Zara
Developer Evangelist