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Voice API Use Cases | SignalWire

Use Cases

SignalWire Cloud unlocks advanced voice capabilities for application developers of all skill sets. Whatever you're building, SignalWire makes it easy to build it right.

Advanced IVR

Build Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems with SignalWire APIs that utilize both touch-tone (DTMF) and voice inputs to interact with your custom applications.

AI Agents

Create telephone AI agents with native integration of voice telephony, text-to-speech, speech-to-text, and AI chatbot frameworks like Google Dialogflow.

Click to Call

Add a call button to any web or client application to place a two-way call, initiate a "hunt" group or start a conference.

VoIP Integration

Use SIP trunking and routing to save money on public switched telephone network (PSTN) connectivity to VoIP client applications, PBX, and call center systems.

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