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Fax API Use Cases | SignalWire

Get your fax straight.

Built for application developers, our fax API services have many uses ranging from the very simple to the advanced.

Secure Transmission

Fax securely transmits documents using the telephone network and requires peer-to-peer direct connectivity prior to transmission of data, eliminating common "man in the middle" attacks used with other transport mechanisms.

Financial Documents

Fax signatures remain in use in financial institutions, particularly across geographies. Fax is still commonly used for processing of claim forms as well as mortgage and other loan applications.

Health Information

Because of incompatibilities across other electronic medical record systems, fax remains used for exchanging protected health information (PHI) among physicians and for processing of claim forms.

Systems Integration

Fax usage has grown with integration across horizontal applications, including ERP, CRM, and email systems to handle ad hoc document workflows even when customers, partners, and suppliers are not yet capable of richer document exchange.

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