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Text Chat

You can text chat with other participants in the room so that you do not interrupt the audio of the active speakers.  Text chat is also a good way to share hyperlinks or other information that is not conveyed easily via voice.

When other participants leave text chat messages, badge count icons appear in the upper right and lower right corners of the screen. Text chat is only available to users when enabled in that room by administrators.


To enter the text chat session:

  • Click the Chat button in the upper right of the SignalWire work window.

The chat window opens up in the lower right of the screen by default.

You can choose to leave the chat window floating on the lower right of your screen, to close the chat window, or to open a separate pane to the right of the screen.


To close the floating chat window:

  • From the chat window, click the close icon (×) in the upper right:


To open the chat pane:

  • From the chat window, click the expand icon in the upper right:
    Chat window expand icon

After clicking the expand icon, the SignalWire Work video layout will shift left and a full-length chat pane opens on the right side of the screen.


  • Using the chat pane is a good way to keep chat up durning either video conferences or screen share sessions.

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