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Screen Sharing

If you want to drive presentations, software demonstrations, or share other applications, you can use the native screen sharing built into your Web browser to share your entire screen or other application windows with other participants.

If this is the first time you have used browser-based screen sharing on your computer, you may have to enable screen recording first in your operating system preferences.  These steps are specific to the operating system and browser.  Please see Resolving browser permissions issues.

To start screen sharing:

  • Click the screen share button on the Main menu
    Cantina screen share icon
  • Select the application window or the entire screen to share.  This step is dependent on browser and operating system.  Specific instructions are provided below for:

To stop screen sharing:

  • Toggle the screen sharing button from the main menu. When screen sharing is active, the button is inverted in color (pink background).
    Cantina stop screen sharing button
Firefox for Mac

For example, the screen shot below was taken on Firefox for Mac where you can first select whether to share the entire screen or  a specific application window.


  • When possible, you should limit your sharing to an application window rather than the entire screen to avoid inadvertent sharing of sensitive information, such as your email. If you do share your entire screen, try to close all applications that you do not plan to present from.

Once the you select either a window or the entire screen, Firefox displays a preview before you click Allow.

Google Chrome for Mac

In Google Chrome, you can choose to share the entire screen, an application window, or another Chrome tab.

Also note that in Google Chrome, it is safe to hide the helper window that appears at the bottom of the screen.  You can also stop sharing for any browser from within the SignalWire Work interface, so this helper window is unnecessary.

To hide the Google Chrome sharing helper window:

→ Click Hide.

Safari for Mac

Note that Safari for Mac does not support application window screen sharing.  You only have the option to share your entire screen.