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Podcasts on SignalWire Work

SignalWire Work has a number of features specifically designed for podcasts.  These features are enabled by default for a special room named "podcast".

While most podcast controls can be driven by moderators, administrators should be aware of whether their podcast users will need greater access.  There are at least two functions related to podcasts that require administrative capabilities:

In addition to the tasks involved in moderating normal business meetings, podcasts generally involve addition of:

This section describes some of these capabilities in greater detail.


On screen, there are four participant roles:

  • Host
  • Interviewer
  • Guest 1
  • Guest 2

Off screen, there can be:

  • a moderator for control of the podcast
  • participants waiting to be on the program
Screen Layouts

The starting mode for podcast is the Setup Screen. This is where all the participants can meet and plan the flow of the podcast.

Then, once the podcast begins, the moderator can take control both of dynamically changing the roles of the participants, as well as changing the relative layout of the participants on the screen.

There are predefined podcast layouts given the roles, ranging from giving any of the four roles the whole screen, splitting the screen between any two, three, or four participants, as well as a set of screen sharing options.

  • Setup Screen
  • Host Full Screen
  • Guest Full Screen
  • Guest 2 Full Screen
  • Interviewer Full Screen
  • Host / Guest
  • Host / Interviewer
  • Host / Guest / Interviewer
  • Host / Guest / Interviewer (Zoomed)
  • Host / 2 Guests / Interviewer
  • Interviewer / Floor Holder
  • Interviewer / Guest
  • Screen Share With Everyone
  • Screen Share Host Small Bottom Right
  • Screen Share Host Small Top Right
  • Screen Share Interviewer Small Bottom Right
  • Screen Share Interviewer Small Top Right
  • Screen Share Guest Small Bottom Right
  • Screen Share Guest Small Top Right
  • Screen Share Guest 2 Small Bottom Right
  • Screen Share Guest 2 Small Top Right
Starting and Stopping Broadcasts and Recordings

Podcasts can be streamed live or recorded. Refer to the SignalWire Work Moderator Guide for more information about standard room moderator controls.

Simplified podcast operator interface

In addition to the main SignalWire Work interface, there is also an alternative podcast interface that must be driven by an administrator. It logs in separately under the URL https:// {your SignalWire Work domain} /podcast