Support Plans

Basic Support when you're building. Extended Support when you're moving to production. Premium Support for your mission-critical apps.

AccessEmail and community supportEmail and community supportYour own dedicated Slack Channel + dedicated Technical Success Manager
Price$04% of monthly spend OR a minimum of $600/month6% of monthly spend OR a minimum of $1000/month
BillingN/ACredit card billed automatically at the end of the monthCredit card billed automatically at the end of the month
Response Time SLA (Business Critical)No SLA6 Hours3 Hours
Response Time SLA (General Issues and Questions)No SLA12 hours6 hours
Your very own dedicated Slack channel?NoNo#Yep
Dedicated Technical Account ManagerNopeNot quiteYes!
Outage NotificationsStatus PageStatus PageProactive Notifications
Phone SupportNoPremium Support Hotline (Batphone)Premium Support Hotline (Batphone)
Monthly Account Review*NoNoBut of course


Q: What are the differences between “Business Critical” and "General" Issues?

Business Critical represents complete loss or consistent degradation of service OR a significant feature that is completely unavailable with no possible workaround in an existing production application.

This does not include issues associated to applications that are undergoing initial development, nor any SignalWire services or features that are currently in beta.

General Issues include intermittent issues in existing production applications, general product questions, feature requests and development challenges..

Q: Can we have more details on the phone support in the Extended and Premium Support Plans?

All Extended and Premium Support Plan subscribers will receive the phone number to a premium support hotline that rings all of our on-duty technical support agents at the same time.

If none are available, you'll be able to leave a voice message and expect a response within the SLA timeframe for the tier you're subscribed to.

Q: How do the proactive notifications in the Premium Support plans work?

If and when there are any technical issues on our side or from our downstream service providers that may impact your app, Premium Support subscribers will receive a proactive heads up from their technical account manager on their communication channel of preference (SMS/phone call/Slack/Email).

You and your team will be receive periodic updates (as available) about the details of the issue and the remediation steps we’re taking to address it until the issue is resolved.

Q: What's the story with the Monthly Account Review in the Premium Support Plan?

Monthly Account Reviews are optional monthly meetings with your customer success rep and (if requested) a solution architect to help you think through new and creative ways to get more value from anything you've built on SignalWire.

This might include:

  • Hands-on technical help with your SignalWire implementation
  • Early previews of upcoming products and features.
  • Optimizations to lower your monthly bill for the same volume of usage.
  • Exploring new use cases and untapped market opportunities for your existing SignalWire apps
  • Co-marketing opportunities
  • Other high leverage stuff we didn't include in this list