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Welcome to SignalWire Work

SignalWire Work User Guide

Welcome to SignalWire Work, designed for this modern era of remote work and collaboration at distance. As with other familiar collaboration tools, SignalWire Work provides video conferencing, audio conferencing, screen sharing, and text chat. However, unlike other conferencing systems, SignalWire Work features innovative capabilities around remote work, virtual office, and even podcasting.

With SignalWire Work, there is no separate client software to install, and you can work from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device with a modern Web browser. In addition, client-side system requirements are kept to a minimum, as SignalWire Work does all the "heavy lifting" in the cloud.

SignalWire Work can be used from any modern Web browser that supports the WebRTC standard, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

If you've been invited to a conference with SignalWire Work or been issued a moderator PIN to one or more rooms, check out these articles to get started!

If you are a moderator or an administrator, check out the SignalWire Work Moderator Guide and the SignalWire Work Administrator Guide. Enjoy!

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