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Taking control of your meetings

Sometimes meeting moderators have to get meetings "back on track" after disruptions.

Some selected capabilities to help meeting moderators include:

Locking meetings

Once all your meeting participants have arrived, you can lock the meeting.

For security reasons, locking meetings prevents "Zoom bombing" or "Zoom raiding" by unwanted participants.

Even as a practical matter outside security, many have observed that in "virtual office" environments, people often like to do the equivalent of "popping your head in the doorway."  With this feature, you can do the equivalent of "closing the door" to signal to others that you'd prefer not to have the meeting disrupted.


To lock a meeting:

  • From the Main menu, click Settings.
  • On the Settings submenu, choose the Room Controls tab.
  • Click Lock Meeting.  This button is a toggle and can be used to unlock the meeting as well.
Transferring callers

Conference calls can be more challenging than face-to-face meetings in that we don't normally hear in "stereo" making sidebar conversations in the same "room" impossible.  The ability to transfer callers allows meeting moderators to assign breakouts as a normal part of the gathering.


To transfer a caller:

  • In the video layout, hover over the participant panel for the participant to transfer
  • Click the Participant menu in the upper right of the participant panel
  • Choose Transfer
  • In the resultant dialer window, enter the name of the room you'd like to transfer the participant into
Avoid Interruptions

For larger meetings, it can be distracting when latecomers enter and the room was configured to "Warn Before Join."

Similarly, there are meetings you may want to hold where you may not want system alert messages from the admininistrator over the intercom to come through.


To avoid interruptions:

  • From the Main menu, choose the Settings submenu
  • From the Settings screen, choose the Rooms tab
  • Click Avoid Interruptions.  This button is a toggle and can be used to activate and deactivate the feature.
Disable CllpEEze

ClipEEze are short audio or video media clips played during a conference by moderators (and, when enabled, guests) to highlight, accentuate, or applaud statements or events during a conference. Typically, these media clips may reinforce company slogans or corporate culture.

Examples of times to use ClipEEze:

  • welcoming everyone to a meeting
  • expression of a good idea
  • applause during a statement of recognition
  • to lighten up an otherwise dark moment
  • to pull back up to a higher level discussion
  • saying "Goodbye" to end the meeting

Overall, ClipEEze can be a powerful tool to personalize meetings.  However, there are situations where their use is less appropriate, and meeting moderators can selectively disable ClipEEze usage by guest callers.


To disable ClipEEze usage for guests:

  • From the Main menu, choose the Settings submenu
  • From the Settings screen, choose the Rooms tab
  • If displayed, click Disable ClipEEze.  This button is a toggle and can be used to re-enable ClipEEze.
Mute All Microphones

Often when there is unexplained noise in the conference, it can be helpful to quick mute all participants at once and selectively have participants re-enable them one by one as they wish to speak.


To mute all microphones at once:

  • From the Main menu, choose the Settings submenu
  • From the Settings screen, choose the Rooms tab
  • Click Mute All Mic
Raising Hands

When there are many people, leaving people unmuted to barge in, may be disruptive.  A common technique by moderators is often simply to ask people to virtually raise their hands to be given a turn to speak before unmuting their microphones.


To use the Raise hand feature:

  • Participants should click the hand icon on the Main menu
  • When ready, the moderator should acknowledge the participant and either unmute the participant or instruct the participant to do so
  • Once unmuted, the participant should either toggle the hand icon off in the Main menu or the moderator should lower the participant's hand from the Participant menu in the upper right of the Participant Panel.