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Security models

Security Models

SignalWire Work enables security at multiple levels.

Conference access

In general, most SignalWire Work room access is governed by room name and PIN.

Administrators can assign each predefined room its own unique set of PINs to be used distinctly to identify moderators from guests, or to simply assign guest PINs to each room with no moderators.

SignalWire Work can be set up to "auto create" rooms to allow guests and moderators to create new rooms on-the-fly. For auto-created rooms, administrators can define security policies with predefined moderator and guest PINs to use.

Administrators can simplify room access by advertising room names to other administrators or even guests, as in an “open house”.

Privilege levels

As noted in the User Roles section, each user type is assigned its own privileges.

  • Guests typically receive a room URL and a guest PIN if required. If configured for the room, they may also receive a telephone number for the room.
  • Moderators typically receive a room URL, their moderator PIN, and guest PIN to provide to their guests. If configured for the room, they may also receive a telephone number for the room.
  • Administrators are typically assigned a username and password. All administrators have moderator privileges for any conference they attend. Administrators are responsible for system settings, per room settings, and configuring integrations. Administrators also have privileges to delegate administration to others.
In-Conference Security

Guests can be restricted from speaking to other participants until a moderator arrives (“Require Moderator”).

Moderators can “lock” meetings so that no other guests or moderators can attend. Administrators can “unlock” locked meetings.