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Retrieving Recordings on SignalWire Work

When files are locally recorded on SignalWire Work, they can be retrieved in the System Settings under the Recordings tab. 

Files can easily be found by searching for the name or number of the room the video was recorded in the Room Search... bar. Each .mp4 file has a timestamp underneath it and a date (yyyy-mm-dd) to show when it was originally recorded. 


To download a recording:

  • Click the arrow icon to the right of the .mp4 file.
  • This will open a new tab that will ask you to log in with your SignalWire Work username and password.
  • Here, you can watch the video within the browser.
  • Click the three dots in the bottom right of the video.
  • Click Download.

To delete a recording:

  • Click the trash icon to the right of the .mp4 file to remove a recording.
  • It will ask "are you sure?"
  • Click yes.