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Participant controls

As a moderator, you have access to special controls to manage participant settings individually.

While hovering your pointer over the participants panel, a Participants menu appears in the upper right.

Menu items include:

  • Audio - toggle to mute participant's microphone audio feed on and off
  • Video - toggle to mute participant's camera video feed on and off
  • Do Not Disturb - toggles Do Not Disturb mode for the participant
  • Floor - determines participants position in layout; typically the floor has a larger participant panel in the video layout
  • Remove Background Noise - toggles additional filtering to the participant's audio channel
  • Low bitrate mode - toggles the bandwidth consumption characteristics for the participant
  • Send a Text-to-Speech - converts a typed message from the moderator to speech played over the participant's private audio channel
  • Banner Control - toggles the presence of the banner ("lower third") and enables the moderator to customize the text viewed onscreen
  • Sound Controls - brings up a pop-up window enabling the moderator to tune volume, gain, and energy of the audio feed
  • Kick - removes the participant from the conference