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Managing conference recordings

Moderators today have three choices for managing recordings:

Client-based recording of local streams


To connect to local broadcasts:

  • Instruct your meeting moderators to enable local broadcasts from the Recordings tab of the Settings submenu
  • Have client software (e.g., VLC) connect to either HLS (HTTP live streaming) or MPEG-DASH streams.  The URL formats are:
    •  HLS — https:// {your SignalWire Work domain} :5443/hls/ {your room} /index.m3u8
    •  MPEG DASH — https:// {your SignalWire Work domain} :5443/ {your room} /index.mpd

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External streaming

SignalWire Work also enables recording on external servers by exporting live streams. Meeting moderators can enter the URI for external streams, using RTMP, for example.