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Inviting SIP callers and video room systems

SignalWire Work is built on a modern IP telephony platform and not only supports the public switched telephone network through integration with your company's SignalWire space but also natively supports SIP, a protocol for voice and video telecommunications over the Internet.

Each SignalWire Work room has its own SIP address.

SignalWire Work uses port 1060 for TCP and 1061 for TLS.  The format for a TLS address, for example, is:

sip:{room}@{your SignalWire Work domain}:1061

For a real world example, IP callers could call: sip:example-room@demo.cantina.video:1061

Similarly, you can dial out to a SIP address as well if your SignalWire Work system is properly configured.  This feature makes it easy to add video room systems that may be installed at your vendors, partners, or customers that use legacy SIP equipment for their video conferencing rooms.


To invite a SIP caller:

  • In the upper left of the SignalWire Work screen, click Invite.
  • In the field Invite people by calling them, enter the SIP address.