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Inviting others to your room

When inviting others to your room, it's is generally recommended that you provide them:

  • a link to your room and their guest PIN
  • a backup telephone number in case they are having computer issues
Sample text to include with your meeting invitation

This meeting is being held on SignalWire Work.  You can attend from any modern browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge, with access to your computer microphone and camera.

https:// {Your SignalWire Work domain} /rooms/ {Your room name}

Your guest PIN is {Your room guest PIN}

If for some reason, you'd prefer the phone, don't hesitate to dial in to: {Your phone number}


What if you don't have the information?

If you do not know the your full room URL and were just given a SignalWire Work domain and a room name, you can discover it from within the room.


To find your full room URL:

  • Join your room. If you need more help joining your room, see Joining a room for the first time.
  • In the upper left area, click the Invite button. You can see the URL there. It is typically of the form https:// {your SignalWire Work domain} /rooms/ {Your room name}
  • Click Copy Link
  • Paste the URL into your address book for future reference

In general, your phone number is not discoverable directly from the SignalWire Work user interface.  Based on the number of ways that SignalWire Work can be set up to support telephone networks, you are best served by asking your administrator which telephone number you should use.

Still, if when you clicked the Invite link and you saw a field to send an SMS, you can often discover it.


To discover a possible telephone number for your meetings:

  • In the upper left of your SignalWire Work video layout, click Invite.
  • Enter your mobile number in e.164 format (e.g., +12125551212).  Don't forget the plus (+) sign.
  • If you receive a text, note the number that it sent it from and try to call into it while you're still in the meeting from the browser
  • If you see your telephone has joined you in the conference, you can hang up and be confident that you have the correct telephone number