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Most of this guide focuses on features built into SignalWire Work. However, there are some areas in this guide that refer you elsewhere to explore related topics.

  • SignalWire space. In addition to offering SignalWire Work, SignalWire is a leading provider of CPaas (Communications Platform as a Service). To integrate SignalWire Work with telephone calls and SMS notifications, refer to the section Integration with your SignalWire space in this guide.
  • FreeSWITCH is a leading open source platform for software-defined telecom. SignalWire Work utilizes FreeSWITCH for much of its underlying integration with other communications systems. The commercial implementation of FreeSWITCH is now offered by SignalWire, Inc. as SignalWire STACK, and FreeSWITCH plays a role to integrate SignalWire Work with your SignalWire space
  • SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). SIP is the open protocol used to interface SignalWire Work with legacy IP voice and video systems.
  • Streaming media protocols, including RTMP (Real-time Message Protocol), HLS (HTTP Live Streaming), and MPEG-DASH (Dynamic Application Streaming over HTTP).

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