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SignalWire Work Flags — Advanced administrators only

This technical documentation describes the flags used for advanced room configurations and user dial-ins to change the behavior of SignalWire Work.  The features described are subject to change without notice and are not recommended for most deployments.

Dial Flags

When calling the conference some modifier flags can be appended to the room name to trigger behaviors (This is also true when calling Auto-Dial links with call-to=)

Flags are separated with a ';' (semi-colon)

h264Use the h264 codec for this call
vp8Use the vp8 codec for this call (default)
codec=Use supplied codec (h264|vp8)
silentStart the call without the entertaining promo videos
podcastStart the call in podcast mode
role=Assign Role (just in podcast mode so far) (host|guest|guest2|interviewer)
nointroSkip the intro splash
echoEcho your own audio, (only useful if your input device is not a mic)
auto-correct-bitrateUse stats to lower the bitrate automatically and ultimately mute video
no-overlayDo not render your local video over your remote video
static-cameraDo not attempt to force the camera to match the resolution of the call
muteEnter the call muted
vmuteEnter the call video muted
endconfIf you exit the call, everyone will be kicked out
nobannerDo not set a lower third for this caller
lowbrEnter the call in low bitrate mode
quality=When this caller calls the conference quality will be set to (low|normal|fast|veryfast|high|ultra)