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Playing ClipEEze into a room


If you see a ClipEEze menu in the My Settings tab of the Settings submenu, your room moderator has enabled ClipEEze.

ClipEEze are short audio or video media clips played in a room to highlight, accentuate, or applaud statements or events during a conference. Typically, these media clips may reinforce company slogans or corporate culture but are also useful to engage teams that span organizations.

Examples of times to use ClipEEze:

  • welcoming everyone to a meeting
  • expression of a good idea
  • applause during a statement of recognition
  • to lighten up an otherwise dark moment
  • to pull back up to a higher level discussion
  • saying "Goodbye" to end the meeting

Room moderators and SignalWire Work administrators can disable ClipEEze usage.  However, if enabled, you can take advantage of ClipEEze to add color to your interactions.


For guest participants to enable or use ClipEEze:

  • On the Main menu at the bottom center of the screen, click the Settings menu
  • On the My Settings tab, click Play ClipEEze. If it is not already present, the ClipEeze pane appears on the right side of the screen.
  • Click away from the Settings menu
  • From the ClipEEze pane, click a desired ClipEEze to play

ClipEEze are just one unique feature of SignalWire Work.  Thank you visiting the User Guide.

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