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Uploading ClipEEze to SignalWire Work

ClipEEze are short audio or video media clips played during a conference by moderators (and, when enabled, guests) to highlight, accentuate, or applaud statements or events during a conference. Typically, these media clips may reinforce company slogans or corporate culture.

Examples of times to use ClipEEze:

  • welcoming everyone to a meeting
  • expression of a good idea
  • applause during a statement of recognition
  • to lighten up an otherwise dark moment
  • to pull back up to a higher level discussion
  • saying "Goodbye" to end the meeting


To add a new ClipEEze to SignalWire Work:

  • Type a name in the Title field. Moderators will search for the ClipEEze using this text.
  • Select an MP4 for upload.
  • Click Upload.

Your moderators can play these videos during conferences using the Settings menu.