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Changing your devices

From time to time, you may want to change your devices during a SignalWire Work session. A common scenario is to change cameras, for example from an iPhone front camera to a rear camera to show other participants what you are seeing in the field.


To change devices:

  • From the SignalWire Work System (☰) menu. choose Change Devices.  SignalWire Work presents your browser with the available devices.  You do not need to leave a conference to change your devices.

Note that another common scenario is switching from your computer or camera microphone to a Bluetooth headset. In these situations, most drivers for advanced Bluetooth devices also change the OS default settings. So, in these cases, it is recommended that you allow SignalWire Work to follow default settings to automatically track your default OS devices.

For example, the following shows a user utilizing devices on a desktop computer and the OS defaults.

In this case, switching to a Bluetooth headset automatically changed the OS defaults and required no manual changes in the browser to function.

Note however that drivers for some devices do not update the OS defaults.

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