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Audio controls

Most of the time, modern communications applications like SignalWire Work offer superior call quality than traditional conferencing systems at much lower costs — taking full advantage of the cloud with no need for specialized equipment or infrastructure.

Still, the power and reduced costs also brings with it some complexity, and sometimes issues can be difficult to isolate at any particular time, and everyone understands that real-time during an important meeting may not be the time to do that analysis.

As such, there are some quick techniques to hep mitigate call issues.

These include:

  • Remove Background Noise — Sometimes callers who aren't speaking still inject noise into the conference.  When muting and unmuting gets inconvenient, removing background noise such as loud HVAC (or even aggressive computer fans!) can help.
  • Low Bandwidth Mode — Typically, the SignalWire technology dynamically utilizes the most available bandwidth that is detected and appropriate for the application.  When Internet connections are unstable, the optimization algorithms can sometimes produce unsatisfactory results.  Low Bandwidth Mode forces the algorithms to assume low bandwidth rather than dynamically attempting to take what it detects is available.

If you begin experiencing issues with your conference call quality, you can ask any users to set these on their own computers using the Settings menu icon (bottom left of the main menu.)

Moderators can set these modes for any users from the Participants menu in the upper right of each participant panel in the video layout.

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