One-Click Dialogflow Integration

Connect your Dialogflow agent with SignalWire seamlessly with the official one-click integration.

Dialogflow One-Click Telephony Integration

SignalWire is an original technology partner for Google Dialogflow, enabling telephony integration for conversational AI.

This integration enables callers to dial a telephone number and experience their conversational AI agents using built-in automatic speech recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech (TTS). In addition, these conversational AI agents can be used as an auto-attendant to route callers to other telephone numbers.

Making the integration work

Within the native Dialogflow user interface, you can just select the Integrations Menu from any Dialogflow agent. Selecting the SignalWire button enables you to create a SignalWire space (if necessary) and assign a telephone number to the Dialogflow agent.

This video shows how the agent works with an existing SignalWire space.

Streamlining the Creation of New SignalWire Spaces

When creating new SignalWire spaces, the integration wizard streamlines the setup process. You should be aware of the following:

  • Default browser. When possible, start the Dialogflow One-Click telephony integration from your default Web browser. The SignalWire space signup process requires an email validation requiring you to click a link from your email client into the same browser from which you invoked the Dialogflow One-Click process. If required, it is recommended that you cut and paste the link from your email into the Dialogflow browser window.
  • Default project. New spaces created during Dialogflow One-Click Telephony integration are provisioned with a default project called "Dialogflow Project" to streamline setup. You can move the integration and any numbers to other projects later.
  • Default toll telephone numbers. The first Dialogflow agent provisioned with a telephone number will have a DID toll number automatically generated for immediate testing. It is also possible to choose your own telephone numbers (toll or toll-free) instead of using an automatically generated telephone number by "managing" an existing integration or by using the "Link and Finish Later" option with new integrations once you have a SignalWire space.

Managing Your Integration

From time-to-time, you might want to change the telephone number or utilize more advanced SignalWire features. To manage the integration, within Dialogflow, choose the Integrations menu and click the SignalWire icon.

From there you, either manage (edit) the integration or revoke it.

Remember that when you manage an integration, you should note the specific identifier for the Dialogflow agent for use in the SignalWire space user interface.

Link and Finish Later

Once you have a SignalWire space, you can also create new Dialogflow One-Click Telephony integrations on the same Dialogflow agent (perhaps for connecting with other spaces or projects), or you can connect other Dialogflow agents.

While you can assign automatically generated telephone numbers directly from the Dialogflow One-Click Telephony Integration wizard, there are cases, such as when you want to select your own toll or toll-free number, where you might want to "Link and Finish Later."

Note that when you use "Link and Finish Later," you should be sure to note the specific identifier for the Dialogflow agent for use in the SignalWire space user interface.

Also, make sure to click "Finish Setup." The Dialogflow One-Click Telephony Integration will not activate until this button is clicked.

Choosing Your Telephone Numbers

Once you have either chosen to "manage" your integration or "Link and Finish Later," you are free to choose a custom toll or toll-free telephone number to assign to your Dialogflow agents right from within your SignalWire space.

To choose a number, click the Phone Numbers menu on the left side, and the "+ New Number" button in the upper right. You will then be presented with the "Choose a Number type" screen.