Engaging virtual experiences.

SignalWire Events brings the same interactivity to virtual events as you get when you are all in the same physical venue. Unlike Webinar platforms, SignalWire Events gives you the control to curate your event, and our team can even help you manage the interaction. Contact us to learn more.


Involve your audience

SignalWire Events brings your presenters and your audiences together, enabling the presenters to react to audiences and for audiences to feed off each other. SignalWire Events enables video-first interaction across one or more presenters, prerecorded video content, and audiences.

  • Custom layouts for multiple parties on stage
  • Live audience views for all or a portion of the audience
  • "Watch party" to see audience reactions to video content

Your Entire Venue

SignalWire Events presents a video-first virtual venue consisting of one or more rooms or video resources enabling attendees to walk the hall, pop into sessions, interact casually with other attendees, or even attend private areas.

  • See available sessions, lounges, or video resources.
  • See live room previews and join rooms instantly.
  • Lock rooms or require PIN numbers for closed sessions.
  • Customize your venue to create the experience you want.

Built for events

Within the venue, users aren't simply dropped into "conference calls." The rooms in SignalWire events were specifically designed for planned and coordinated events.

  • Green rooms for preparing before going "on stage"
  • Play pre-recorded intros, outros, and content
  • Seamless transitions across different video layouts
  • Organizer controls to allow presenters to focus

Run Best-in-Class events

The SignalWire Events team offers optional per-event services.

We can configure each and every part of the event site based on your branding and preferences. In addition, we can work with you before and during the event to both map out and execute your run-of-show for the right experiences for your presenters, audiences, and guests.

Leading Technology

SignalWire Events can offer such unique presenter and audience interaction capabilities because of its powerful underlying technology platform. The platform scales and supports events with thousands of people, with industry-leading video and voice processing to keep technical distractions out of your events. Being browser-based, SignalWire Events avoids the hassle of installing of new software.


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Push to Talk
Virtual Event Hall or "Lobby"
Persistent or Temporary Rooms
"Green Room" for preparation
Dedicated communication channel for producers
Varied video "layout" formatsOver 50
Multiple Presenters
Show all or portions of audience
"Watch party" for video with audience
"Usher" audience members to breakouts or other sessions
Automatic background noise cancellation
Controls to mute and unmute audience and performers
Multiple audio/video sources
Banners ("lower thirds")
Complete attendance reports
Advanced customization of look and feelOptional
Event site branding by SignalWireOptional
Event run-of-show planning and management by SignalWireOptional
Studio ControlsOptional

Events, video-first.

Engage your audiences with SignalWire Events, a video-first events platform.

Powerful Features

HD voice and video, noise cancellation, event workflows and power moderator controls, just to name a few.


No clients, apps, or sketchy plugins to install. Use SignalWire Events across desktop and mobile devices and browsers.

Secure and Private

Designed to satisfy enterprise-level security demands. No 3rd-party private data sharing, ever.

Disruptive Pricing

Developed by open-source O.G.s (original geeks) committed to democratizing communications technology.


Programmable access and full customization via advanced APIs in multiple programming languages.

O.G. Certified

Developed and supported with pride in the U.S.A. by the original geeks of software-defined telecom.

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