The new sales kickoff experience.

SignalWire Events delivers the same interactivity to your Sales Kickoffs as when your team is all together in the same venue. Unlike other webinar platforms, SignalWire Events gives you the control to curate your event, and our team can even help you manage the experience.

Your venue. Online.

Create a totally custom virtual venue that attendees can easily navigate from a single web user interface.

  • Keynote assembly hall
  • Breakout rooms by sales region
  • Custom tracks for different roles
  • Training sessions
  • Happy hour and KARAOKE!

An engaging experience.

Bring presenters and teams together, enabling the presenters to react to the audiences and for audiences to feed off each other. SignalWire Events enables video-first interaction across one or more presenters, prerecorded video content, and audiences.

  • Custom layouts for multiple parties on stage
  • Live audience views for all or a portion of the audience
  • "Watch party" and "Karaoke" modes

Simple event management.

Traditional webinar or video conferencing tools require extensive workarounds to fit the SKO use-case. SignalWire makes it fast and easy.

  • Browser-based - nothing for users to download or install. Click a link and you’re there.
  • No need to create separate links for breakouts. Your entire event is in one place.
  • Post the schedule to the main page. No searching for schedules in email attachments.
  • Run separate simultaneous rooms without paying license fees for each session.

Your entire team. A fraction of the cost.

Between planning man-hours and the cost of booking hotels, flights, physical venues, catering - SKOs eat up employees’ time and your company’s budget. With SignalWire Events, you can skip all of the above and have a one-click entrance for your teams to join from anywhere in the world (no plane tickets necessary).

Cross "Plan SKO" off your to-do list today.

Contact us now to get started creating a virtual experience that will energize your team, not put them to sleep.