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We made LāML ("lame-uhl" - Legacy Antiquated Markup Language) backward compatible so you don't have to re-build your application. Just change a few lines of code and start cutting your billio. You're welcome.

Price Disruptive

Enjoy near-wholesale rates for the essential carrier services you rely on. As the real OGs, we're focusing on developing advanced functionality, not being middle men for minutes and messages.

Original Geeks

We are the pioneers of the software-defined telecom movement. Many of the so-called "platforms" that offer communications APIs are simply price-gouging for services enabled by our core open-source technology stack. We're here to set that right.

Advanced Technology

We're building what's next in communications. Our RELAY APIs allow for true real-time, bi-directional data transmission, enabling advanced functionality never before possible.

Proven and Trusted

Service providers, enterprise IT manufacturers, and the largest of IoT companies rely on our technology.

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Near-wholesale rates. No contracts. No commitments.

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